Insharefurniture Guide to Care and Maintaining Your Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Insharefurniture Guide to Care and Maintaining Your Rattan Outdoor Furniture

How to care for Outdoor Rattan Set Is a subject we are often asked about and is relatively easy as long as you have chosen all weather rattan as opposed to the traditional natural weave wicker. We have written an article describing key differences between natural rattan and synthetic rattan which may be interesting additional reading for you.

How to care for outdoor wicker.

If you leave your rattan garden furniture outside on your patio, it is likely that it will collect dust and debris in its weaves over time. Dust, dirt and debris need to be removed from your furniture or they may end up collecting in the crevices of the weaves and causing mildew. A great way to remove loose dust and dirt is to use a vacuum cleaner. We highly recommend using the small brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, if you have one. This will remove the loose dust and dirt quickly and easily.

Alternatively, you could always use a brush with non-abrasive bristles, like a toothbrush or nailbrush. Brushes of this size will be perfect for getting into all of the crevices of the weaves. Once you have removed the loose dust and dirt, we highly recommend cleaning your rattan furniture using warm water and a mild washing up detergent. If you own natural rattan furniture, it is important not to get it too wet. Instead of submerging a soft cloth into the water and soaking your furniture, we recommend just skimming the bubbles off the top instead.

After you have cleaned any dirt and marks off your furniture, slightly dampen a clean cloth and wipe it over your rattan dining table and chairs. Make sure you allow your furniture plenty of time to dry before using it again. Synthetic rattan garden furniture can withstand getting slightly wetter, so you could always use a hosepipe to clean your furniture instead. Just make sure that the water drains off properly and that you carry out the cleaning task on a windy day so your furniture dries quickly. Most people use cushions and seat covers on the rattan garden chairs to make them more comfortable. These cushions and seat covers need to be washed on a regular basis in order to keep them in tip top condition.

Most covers and cushions will be machine washable, but it is always best to check the label first. It is unlikely that you will be able to tumble dry them so make sure you leave them out to dry and do not put them back on your rattan chairs until both are dry.

Maintaining your rattan garden furniture

Keep pets away from rattan furniture as they can cause abrasions or scratches.

Don’t sit on the arms of the garden furniture to keep the structure strong.

Any major stains such as dark liquids should be dealt with quickly. Use detergent and a cloth to remove stains when they occur.

Completely clean the rattan furniture once a year to remove any dirt or stains which have built up over time. You’ll need to use more detergent than a weekly clean.

Protect the feet

Not only do you want to protect the feet of a rattan outdoor sofa, garden dining set or rattan chairs, but also the floor too. The constant movement of the furniture can create small areas of damage that may escalate over time. The same applies to flooring, especially when used indoors as conservatory furniture, leaving scuff marks that are difficult to remove. Adding rubber stoppers to the feet is a good way to prevent this from happening, protecting your rattan garden furniture and flooring at the same time.

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