New World Gold Farming Guide: Quests, Trading Post & more tips

Looking to amass a fortune in New World? Well, you're in luck because there are numerous ways to fill your coffers in this game.

Looking to amass a fortune in New World? Well, you're in luck because there are numerous ways to fill your coffers in this game. Whether you're eyeing that shiny new weapon, some slick armor, or even your very own player pad, it's all within reach if you know how to stack up the gold.

So, if you're wondering how to make some serious New World Gold while navigating the intriguing world of Aeternum, you've come to the right place. We've got you covered with some easy and efficient methods, all part of the game's natural flow.

1. Gathering

Aeternum is packed with valuable resources waiting to be plucked. While you're out and about exploring, keep an eye out for:

- Fish

- Plants

- Animal Skins

- Ore

- Trees

These items can fetch you a tidy sum when sold individually, but the real goldmine lies in crafting with these raw materials.

2. Crafting Items

Once you've gathered your resources, the next step is crafting. For example, you can turn Hemp into Fiber and then into more advanced items like Linen. While crafting lower-tier items won't make you a fortune, as you level up your skills, you'll be able to produce more valuable goods that you can trade with other players.

Don't forget to craft bags and satchels during your adventures. Equipping a decent bag reduces your encumbrance, allowing you to carry more resources. This, in turn, boosts your earnings at a settlement's Trading Post.

3. Trading at the Trading Post

Frequent pit stops at a settlement's Trading Post are essential. Here, you can sell the items you've collected or crafted during your journeys. Take note of what's selling for the most coins and repeat the process.

A smart move is selling any of the four ranks of a Rune of Holding (used for crafting bags) at Trading Posts. You can purchase these from your Faction leader with tokens. Although you'll spend tokens to get them, selling these Runes can yield a handsome profit.

Additionally, you can trade directly with other players you meet in the world. If you've crafted a valuable item, don't hesitate to interact with nearby players—you might have exactly what they're looking for!

4. Questing

Completing quests you encounter during your travels may seem straightforward, but it's a reliable way to accumulate gold in New World. Whether you're tackling Community Board quests or Faction-specific ones, the higher your level, the more gold these quests will reward you with.

5. New World Gold Economy

Keep in mind that the New World economy is constantly changing. Some servers might have problematic economies, and if you find yourself in one, consider switching to a less crowded server for a fresh start.

So, there you have it—several ways to build your wealth in New World. With these strategies, you'll be on your way to amassing the riches you need to equip yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. Happy gold hunting!

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